Moto G (2013) GPe Also Gets Android 5.0.1, OTA Captured

Moto G (2013) GPe Also Gets Android 5.0.1, OTA Captured

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Motorola has been a smartphone OEM for a very long time, but recent years have been quite difficult for the company. As a result, this American company found itself acquired first by Google and then by Chinese giant Lenovo. When the Moto G was released, Motorola was still a part of Google and Android’s creators ensured that the budget device would ship with great support and an AOSP-like experience.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen many devices getting their Android 5.0 updates. No more than few hours ago, we talked about the GPe Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving an OTA update. The Google Play Edition of Moto G (2013) has joined the Android 5.0 club, as Google decided to push the OTA for this device. The update has been captured by XDA Forum Member XUTOS-83 who shared his knowledge about the link and XDA Senior Member shishir95 who posted a link to the update.

The update is 380 MB and requires the device to be completely stock. This means that you must say goodbye to your custom recovery, root and any other system modifications that have been done if you want to apply the OTA in recovery.

You can learn more about the update by visiting the Moto G Google Play Edition Stock OTA URLs forum thread.

There is also a leak of the Lollipop for the dual SIM variant of Moto G (XT1033). An update has been captured by XDA Senior Member W3ND31. This update is still a soak test and works properly only on Brazilian variant of Moto G, but there is a method to run the update on other variants. However, please keep in mind that your device might face some problems after flashing. You can read more about this by visiting the XT1033 OTA 5.0 Lollipop (BRAZILIAN SOAK TEST) forum thread.

[Big thanks to XDA Senior Member Paul L. for the tip and information!]