Moto G6/Moto Z3 Play apps ported to the Moto Z2 Play [Root]

Moto G6/Moto Z3 Play apps ported to the Moto Z2 Play [Root]

The Motorola Moto Z2 Play is one of Motorola’s older flagships, and as such may see a delay in receiving the latest Moto app updates. The company’s latest devices, such as the Motorola Moto G6 and the Motorola Moto Z3 Play, all have the latest Moto apps. The new versions of these apps offer new features and better stability but sadly aren’t available for the Moto Z2 Play. Thanks to the work of XDA Senior Member Junior Passos, you can install the newer versions of the Moto applications on your device now. All you need is TWRP to flash the ZIP. The applications (and new features!) included in the ZIP are listed below.

  • Moto App 6.0.73
  • Moto Actions (Enabled Quick Screenshot)
  • Moto Display 06.063.0 (Enabled Attentive Display)
  • Moto Help 5.6.9
  • Moto Key 2.00.0183
  • Moto Suggestions 0.2.32
  • Moto Voice Beta
  • Motorola Camera
  • Motorola Email 00.08.0072
  • Motorola Face Unlock 01.01.0114
  • Motorola FM Radio 02.02.0364
  • Motorola Gallery 530034 (Enabled All Features)
  • Motorola Launcher 8.1.0 (Enabled Rounded Google Search Widget and Custom Grid Layout)
  • Motorola Notifications 7.7.023
  • Motorola Time Weather 1.03.03 (Enabled Red Color in Low Battery Circle)
  • New layout from Moto Devices 2018 (Enabled Rounded Corners and New StatusBar Icons)
  • Google Miracast Service (Enabled Screen Mirroring)

Downlaod Moto G6/Moto Z3 Play app for the Moto Z2 Play

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