Moto X (2014) Now Available in the UK

Moto X (2014) Now Available in the UK

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The second generation Moto X (2014) is now available in the United Kingdom. Motorola is offering its devce in the UK through the Moto Maker customization page for the first time in its history. Motorola’s high-flier is available for purchase in two variants: 16 GB of storage for £419.99, and 32 GB of internal memory for £459.99. It’s a carrier free device, so there should be no issues with any locks or brandings whatsoever.

Delivery time of the device is based on… color of the face plate. While you can customize your device whatever you want, you need to select a color of the face plate. There are two choice: white and black. White devices will take Motorola roughly 13 days to be delivered. If you can’t wait for your new Moto X, you can choose the black face plate and enjoy your phone 3 days sooner. We will see if Motorola delivers devices on time or become a second LG (think Google Nexus 5). It’s an estimated time of arrival, so don’t ask us for ETA ;).

Motorola has rolled out Moto X (2014) in the United States. Carrier-locked devices are already available on AT&T and Verizon. A global release should take place in the near future. Are you planning to get the new Moto X? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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