Moto X4 Prime Exclusive Version Coming to Amazon Soon

Moto X4 Prime Exclusive Version Coming to Amazon Soon

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A lot of Motorola fans of have fond memories of the Moto X line since it was the focus of the company when they were acquired by Google. Due to some internal reorganization efforts the company went through this last year with Lenovo, they didn’t release a new Moto X device in 2016. The series came back in 2017 but has been limited to select countries so far but today we have learned that the Moto X4 will be available in the United States later this month in a regular version as well as an Amazon Prime Exclusive variant.

Ever since the Moto X4 was announced, people have wondered when it would be released in the United States. We were told the Fall, but that is as far as it goes and now we have learned more details on the topic. So, if you want to purchase a non-Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the Moto X4 then you’ll be able to place your pre-order tomorrow at places like Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s,, Newegg, and Motorola’s own online store. It will be priced at $400 and shipping is said to begin on October 26th.

Amazon has continued to support their Prime Exclusive variants of a number of smartphones and with the inclusion of the Moto X4 that brings their total up to 9 devices (from Motorola, Alcatel and Nokia). For those unaware, the Amazon Prime Exclusive version of a phone requires an Amazon Prime account and you’re able to get the device cheaper than normal. In this case, Amazon will be selling the Prime Exclusive variant of the Moto X4 for $330 ($70 less than retail).

To get that discount though, you also need to deal with ads on the lock screen. We have highlighted ways to remove these ads from previous devices, but we can’t promise those methods will still be available in the future. Still, many people don’t mind looking at an ad for 1-2 seconds each time they unlock it and are happy to save the money. The Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the Moto X4 will go up for pre-order later today and the device will start shipping on October 26th as well.

Via: Droid-Life Source: Amazon