Moto Z Play Emerges in Photos, Follows Along the Moto Z Design

Moto Z Play Emerges in Photos, Follows Along the Moto Z Design

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In what may not be a shocker to anyone, the Moto Z Play has been spotted bearing a design that closely resembles the Moto Z.

Coming to us courtesy of Reddit user joesufjan and from the Instagram profile of Sheung Yu, the images give us a look at the unreleased Moto Z Play. Originally leaked with the codename Vortex, the Moto Z Play was curiously absent from the lineup when Lenovo unveiled the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force.

One of the most noticeable changes to the Moto Z Play is the new position of the Moto logo on the front. Moving it to the top of the panel gives the bottom chin a smaller appearance. The square fingerprint sensor still exists in its square form.

The back of the device looks like it could be made of either glass or clear plastic. Since the Moto Z Play is to be the cheaper alternative to the Moto Z, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was plastic. The distinguishing factor on the back is the different coloring for the Mod connection pins.

There is no new info on the specs of the device, but we did have some from the last time the phone made an appearance. The Moto Z Play, codename Vertex, will sport a 5.5″ FHD AMOLED display. The SoC in this phone will be the Snapdragin 625 clocked @2.4GHz. The phone will come in a 16GB internal storage + 2GB RAM option and another 32GB internal + 3GB RAM option. The camera on the device will be a 16MP shooter with laser autofocus and PDAF, and the battery capacity will be a healthy 3,500 mAh. Since the specs are not flagship level, the device will be priced lower than the Moto Z. And since the magnetic pins for the Mods do make an appearance, one can expect cross compatibility. This would make the Moto Z Play a cheaper option for those that want to try out Moto/Lenovo’s vision for modularity.

Let’s hope the Moto Z Play does not disappoint with the pricing.

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