Moto Z2 Force Likely to be Offered Across All Four Major Carriers in the US

Moto Z2 Force Likely to be Offered Across All Four Major Carriers in the US

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Carrier exclusive devices are a dying breed, but one that seemingly is not dying quick enough. There was a point in the history of Android where many OEMs had to side and settle with one carrier only for their major releases, lest they lose out on the existing marketing and retail advantage within the US.

But that time is beyond us. Many flagship launches in the USA now come with one device in terms of hardware that can run across all the major carriers. This improves the compatibility among carriers on their service alone as the hardware is now constant. Customers no longer have to choose their carrier first and then choose their device, for the most part.

Despite the general trend, carrier exclusive devices still exist in a few device lineups, like the Galaxy S Active lineup. Motorola’s flagship devices also used to be carrier exclusive in some fashion, like the original Moto X which was customizable through Moto Maker only if you chose AT&T despite the phone being available across all the bigger names. The Moto Z and the Moto Z Force were also Verizon exclusive at launch as the Droid Editions, and Verizon was the only carrier in the world to offer the devices before it became widely available a few months later.

We had hoped that Motorola would adopt a wider release strategy in a previous article, and it’s almost as if our prayers have been heard. In a bit of a good news, the upcoming Moto Z2 Force may not follow along the carrier exclusive footsteps of its predecessors. Evan Blass reports that all four US carriers will offer the Moto Z2 Force.

Evan’s tweet can be read as the Moto Z2 Force being made available across all the major carriers simultaneously. He does not explicitly deny the existence of some time-limited exclusivity, like what we saw with the Moto Z Force. But what we can be assured of is that the device will reach across the Big 4 carriers in the US after all.

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Source: Evleaks