The Moto Z4 apparently supports styluses like the Microsoft Surface Pen

The Moto Z4 apparently supports styluses like the Microsoft Surface Pen

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Stylus support in smartphones is not a common feature. The most notable devices with stylus support are obviously the Samsung Galaxy Note series, but we haven’t seen it in many other handsets. Apparently, the Moto Z4 has support for stylus’, but Motorola didn’t make a big deal about it.

Moto Z4 XDA Forums

The Moto Z4 was announced a couple of weeks ago (it launches tomorrow on Verizon) and there were a number of features to talk about. It has a nice 6.4-inch OLED display, 48MP camera, support for 5G via Moto Mods, etc. One thing that was not mentioned was support for stylus’. According to users on Reddit, Lenovo mentioned stylus support on the product page (though it can’t be found now) and it actually works.

Reddit user mrmax86 asked about compatible pens when he saw the product page mentioned: “Stylus Compatible with Microsoft active pen protocol.” No one was talking about this feature and he wondered what it meant. Reddit user jjsaturday responded to the thread saying he tried it with a few Surface pens and they all worked as you would expect. Pressure sensitivity works and the eraser acts as the back button.

It’s interesting that Motorola and Lenovo didn’t really mention this feature in their Moto Z4 announcement material. Stylus support is not something a ton of people will use, but it is a nifty feature that users might want to know about, especially if you already own a Surface Pen. We’re also not sure why the product page doesn’t mention this anymore since it clearly works. If you have a Moto Z4, let us know if you get a stylus working!