Motorola Uploads a Camera Tuner App for the Moto X4 in the Play Store

Motorola Uploads a Camera Tuner App for the Moto X4 in the Play Store

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Traditionally, OEMs have needed to push out full OTA updates if they wanted to substantially improve the camera experience of their smartphone. We then started to see certain companies uploading individual applications (such as the camera application) to the Play Store so they can be updated much faster. Lately, Motorola has gone a different route and has chosen to upload tuner applications to the Play Store for specific devices they have released.

As mentioned, Motorola has down down all of these routes in the past. The company used to only update their camera’s performance when there was a new OTA update pushed out to devices. This was never an optimal solution for anyone since it cost the company time and resources to certify each OTA update. So this means updates would be rare and they sometimes wouldn’t even reach some of the company’s aging devices since they no longer receive OTA updates.

We then saw Motorola upload their camera to the Play Store and as of right now, they have the Moto Mods Camera, the Moto Camera, the Motorola Camera and then the Moto Camera 2. It’s possible that Motorola wasn’t happy with this method as it led to them uploading multiple cameras and newer updates could have caused conflicts with older devices. So then we started to see the company upload camera tuner applications for specific devices (like the Moto X4) to the Play Store.

So far, they have one of these for the Moto G Play, the Moto G4, and the Moto G5S. These camera tuner applications get pre-installed on the device and are then updated via the Play Store. These allow for Motorola to improve the color, contrast, picture noise, video noise, and sharpness all from this one tuner application. Today, they have uploaded one of these camera tuner applications for the Moto X4 ahead of its official release.

Via: Android Police