Upcoming Motorola Edge devices codenamed “Berlin”, “PStar”, and “Kyoto” leaked

Upcoming Motorola Edge devices codenamed “Berlin”, “PStar”, and “Kyoto” leaked

Motorola is working on a trio of new “Edge” devices, codenamed “Berlin”, “PStar”, and “Kyoto”. The most powerful of the three devices is “Berlin”, which appears to be powered by the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset that can also be found in the Honor 50 series. Interestingly, Berlin also has a North American variant with a different camera array.

The report from TechnikNews by myself and Nils Ahrensmeier details specifications about all three (technically four) of the devices. Evleaks previously said on Twitter that Berlin, Berlin NA, Kyoto, and Sierra are upcoming Motorola Edge devices. Berlin and Berlin NA differ slightly in the camera department but are more or less the same devices otherwise. Berlin NA will likely launch on Verizon, and will not support a “superzoom” mode that exists on the regular Berlin device.

Device Motorola Edge Berlin Motorola Edge Berlin NA
SoC Snapdragon 778G Snapdragon 778G
Storage 128/256GB 128/256GB
Main camera 108MP “S5KHM2” 108MP “S5KHM2”
Ultra-wide angle camera/macro camera 16MP “ov16a10” 8MP “s5k4h7 “
Telephoto 8MP “ov08a10” N/A
Depth sensor N/A 2MP “ov02b1b”
Front camera 32MP “ov32b40” 32MP “ov32b40”
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Stout (Brown)
  • White
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Stout (Brown)
  • White

From research conducted, Sierra and PStar are two codenames that reference the same devices. Sierra appears to be the internal codename at Motorola, whereas PStar is the more “public” codename. PStar is based on the “Kona” board and has an X55 5G modem. While the chipset could not be confirmed, it’s likely that PStar has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or the 870. Berlin has more camera features than PStar, though PStar has the same camera arrangement as Berlin. “PStar” has model number XT2153.

Device Motorola Edge PStar
SoC Kona platform with X55 5G modem
RAM 6/8/12GB RAM
Storage 128/256GB
Primary camera 108MP “S5KHM2”
Ultra-wide angle camera/macro camera 16MP “ov16a10”
Telephoto 8MP “ov08a10”
Front camera 16MP “ov16a1q” for China or 32MP “ov32b” global
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue

Finally, “Kyoto” appears to be the most affordable of the trio, though we only know its camera specifications at the moment.

Device Motorola Edge Kyoto
Main camera 108MP “S5KHM2”
Ultra-wide angle camera/macro camera 8MP “s5k4h7”
Depth sensor 2MP “ov02b1b”
Front camera 32MP “ov32b40”

There is no expected release timeline on any of these devices yet, though development is currently underway. All three of these devices are poised to be wildly different smartphones, and it’s possible that they may launch at different points of the year.

Featured image: Motorola Edge S

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