Motorola now commits to at least 2 years of updates for its $1,000 Edge+ smartphone

Motorola now commits to at least 2 years of updates for its $1,000 Edge+ smartphone

Motorola made its big splash back into the flagship smartphone market last month with the Motorola Edge+. The device packs just about every high-end feature you could want: massive OLED display, 12GB of RAM, triple rear cameras, a big 5,000mAh battery, Android 10, and even a headphone jack. However, one thing didn’t meet the flagship standards, and Motorola is pledging to fix that.

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Software updates are very important, especially when users are putting down over $1,000 for a phone. No one wants to spend that kind of money on something that won’t be supported for the duration of their ownership. Typically, a flagship phone will come with the promise of at least two Android OS version updates, some even promise 3. Motorola caught flack for saying the Edge+ would only get Android 11 (via Wired).


We will support with software updates as frequently and for as long as we feel it benefits our consumers. While we don’t have an absolute commitment to numbers of upgrades, Edge consumers can expect security updates every other month and an upgrade to Android 11 OS this year.

That statement doesn’t specifically exclude Android 12, but it certainly leaves a lot of room to not deliver updates past Android 11. In a new statement, Motorola is now saying Motorola Edge+ users should get “at least two Android OS upgrades.”

We’re excited to share that all Motorola Edge Plus consumers will enjoy a clean Android 10 experience and are expected to receive at least two Android OS upgrades.

That’s great news for anyone who drops $1K on the Motorola Edge+. It would be nice if companies could commit to these things before there’s an outrage, but sometimes a little push is needed. If the lack of software support was holding you back, this news should be a sigh of relief.

Source: Android Authority

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