The Motorola Edge+ is the first phone with Imint’s new Vidhance stabilization tech

The Motorola Edge+ is the first phone with Imint’s new Vidhance stabilization tech

Motorola finally unveiled the much-awaited Motorola Edge+ and Motorola Edge last week. In the past few years, the Lenovo-owned company had focused largely on selling budget and mid-range phones. The last true flagship from Motorola was the first-gen Moto Z, which was launched all the way back in 2016. Since then, there wasn’t any contender from Motorola that could go head to head against the likes of Samsung’s and Huawei’s in the premium segment. The Motorola Edge+ ends that streak and marks the return of Motorola in the flagship sphere. The Motorola Edge+ offers top-of-the-line hardware including the best-in-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC and the powerful triple cameras consisting of 108MP primary, 8MP telephoto, and 16MP ultra-wide sensors.


Although the camera hardware is impressive as it is, it turns out the device is also equipped with several software-based features that further enhance the camera capabilities of the phone, especially the video performance.

Imint, a Swedish company that provides video enhancement solutions to smartphone OEMs, announced in a press release that they have collaborated with Motorola to integrate their video stabilization solution on the Motorola Edge+, enabling content creators to shoot high-quality videos right from their smartphones.

Our best-in-class Vidhance solutions, combined with the Motorola edge+ smartphone platform, empowers consumers to create video content previously reserved for professionals and high-end video cameras.

Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint.

The Motorola Edge+ features four software-based video solutions: Vidhance Video Stabilization with Active OIS,  Vidhance Horizon Correction, Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction, and Vidhance Field of View Correction.

Vidhance Video Stabilization with Active OIS works by combining the optical image stabilization (OIS) with the electronic image stabilization (EIS) to reduce the unwanted motion blur resulting from sudden movements and shakes. By leveraging the onboard OIS and in-house EIS algorithms, Imint claims the Motorola Edge+ is capable of shooting amazing videos with great stability even in low-light conditions. Vidhance Horizon Correction algorithm, on the other hand, lets you automatically level the horizon of a video in post-processing without ruining the stabilization quality. Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction helps minimize the motion blur caused by low shutter speed and abrupt movements. Vidhance Field of View Correction solution eliminates zoom artifacts that often result from when the camera is adjusting its focal length during the focus shifting.

These algorithms along with the capable camera hardware make the Motorola Edge+ an excellent choice for content creators. It remains to be seen, however, to what extent these claims and improvements are effective in the real-world.

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