Motorola Edge, Motorola Edge+, and LG Velvet forums are now open

Motorola Edge, Motorola Edge+, and LG Velvet forums are now open

Motorola is back to the flagship smartphone market with the Motorola Edge and the Motorola Edge+. While the Motorola Edge is more of an upper midrange device sporting a Snapdragon 765G, the Motorola Edge+ brings the flagship might we haven’t seen from the company in years. With a combo of bleeding-edge features with a Snapdragon 865, a 108MP rear camera, a waterfall display, and much more, Motorola is pulling no punches with the Edge+. LG, meanwhile, is preparing to launch the LG Velvet, part of a completely new smartphone line (that might eventually replace LG’s G series). It is confirmed to come with a Snapdragon 765 processor with 5G connectivity support and will be touting an all-new design language different from what the company is currently doing with phones like the LG V60.


These phones have a couple of things in common, though, with one of them being that they all come with a 5G modem and, thus, support 5G connectivity. While the Motorola devices have already been announced and will be coming to the market very soon, the LG Velvet has not yet been announced properly. Another thing they have in common is that both LG and Motorola have had a good reputation in the modding space, or at least they used to have in the past. This means that people will inevitably attempt to mod these phones, subject to support from the OEM.

If you’re a developer and you’re planning to do some modding with any of these phones when they’re available for purchase, you now have a place to share your work. We’ve now opened official XDA forums for the Motorola Edge, the Edge+, and the LG Velvet. Here, you’ll be able to find mods, custom kernels, and custom ROMs for these devices as and when they become available. Meanwhile, you can use the forums to discuss these phones and whether they are good enough to switch over to.

Motorola Edge XDA ForumMotorola Edge+ XDA Forum

LG Velvet XDA Forum

Be sure to pass by the forums and check them out!

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