Motorola Edge+ users are seeing some severe display issues

Motorola Edge+ users are seeing some severe display issues

Motorola made a big splash in April with the Motorola Edge series, marking its return to the flagship market. The company had primarily been focusing on mid-range and low-end devices (and they continue to pump those out), which is what made the Edge a big deal. Flagships can bring new things to worry about, though, and now it appears Motorola has a pretty gnarly display issue on its hands.

Late last month, a Motorola Edge+ owner posted on Motorola’s support forums about a display issue. The user was seeing pretty serious purple spots around the edges of the display after using the phone for long periods of time. The spots would disappear after letting the phone rest for a while, but they’d come back again. Several other users have reported this issue as the thread is now over 8 pages long. You can see how serious the problem can be in the images below.


A Motorola forum admin has been addressing the issue and said a software update will be coming to fix the issue. That software update started rolling out on Verizon last week, and it did indeed mention “improved display contrast and clarity” in the changelog. So did it fix the issue for Motorola Edge+ users? Kinda.

Several Motorola Edge+ users who were experiencing the display issue installed the update right away. For some, it seemed to resolve the problem and the display was back to normal. Not everyone has been so lucky, though. Some users are still seeing the purple spots and green tinting after watching videos or using the phone for long periods. Even replacement phones are having the same issues for some.

Motorola Edge+ XDA Forums

This morning, the Motorola forum admin posted another comment, saying the display issues may be “too advanced to be resolved” with a software update in some cases. They do believe the update can fix the problem for many Motorola Edge+ users, but not everyone. Users who still have the problem after the update are urged to exchange the phone with Verizon.

As you can clearly see in the images, this is a very serious issue for those who have the problem. It’s unfortunate that owners of a $1,000+ phone may face such severe problems that may not even be fixable in some cases. We’ll keep an eye on this situation to see if Motorola has a better solution.

Source: Motorola Support Forums | Via: Droid-Life

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