Second-gen Motorola Edge series gets detailed in an extensive leak

Second-gen Motorola Edge series gets detailed in an extensive leak

Motorola is gearing up to launch multiple new products in the Edge series, according to Evan Blass of @evleaks fame. The leaker revealed specifications and some features of multiple upcoming products from the Lenovo-owned brand. The four devices, code-named “berlin”, “berlna”, “kyoto”, and “pstar”, are likely to launch later this year, though their exact launch dates and pricing haven’t been confirmed.

The Motorola Edge line came to life in early 2020 with the launch of the Edge and Edge+, the latter of which was Motorola’s first flagship smartphone since the 2018 Moto Z3. Following the launch of the Motorola Edge S in China, it became clear that the “Edge” in the branding isn’t limited to devices with curved displays. While Blass hasn’t revealed the curvature of the displays found on these four devices, a different pattern has emerged that ties the previous and upcoming “Edge” devices together. For Motorola, it seems the Edge line is going to consist of the brand’s upper mid-range, value flagships, and the occasional premium flagship.


The four products revealed in Blass’s tweet fall comfortably into the upper mid-range and value flagship category — there’s no word on a premium flagship, and it’s possible that the ongoing global chip shortage is the reason for that.

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming Motorola Edge series products:

Motorola “Berlin” and “Berlna”

First of all, we need to clarify the relationship between these two products. “Berlna” seems to simply be the North American variant of “berlin”. The code-name seems to simply be “berlin” plus “na” mashed together and then truncated. The two products are similar in many ways, most notably in their choice of SoC, but there are key hardware differences that you usually don’t find when comparing the global and American models of other products. For example, the display, camera setup, and battery are notably different. The differences are significant enough that it’s possible Motorola will brand the product differently in North America versus Europe (though they’ve done that before even if there’s virtually no difference between the NA/EU variants.)

According to Blass, the device code-named “berlin” will feature a 6.67-inch display with a 2400×1080 resolution (20:9 aspect ratio) and up to 120Hz refresh rate. It will likely have a single centered hole-punch cutout for the 32MP front-facing camera. Under-the-hood, the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 778G chipset, feature 6 or 8GB of RAM, come with 128 or 256GB of internal storage, and run off of a 4000mAh battery. The phone seems to have three rear cameras consisting of a main 108MP camera, a 16MP wide-angle camera that does double duty as a macro camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera for 3X zoom. The “berlin” device will support WiFi 6E (6GHz WiFi) connectivity, have a mono speaker, and have a dedicated Google Assistant button. Motorola will ship the phone with Android 11 out of the box, and it may come in a variety of colors including Emerald, Stout, and White.

The North American variant, code-named “berlna”, may be offered on Verizon, but it’s not clear if it’ll launch on other carriers. Its display supposedly measures 6.78” and is 2460×1080 pixels in resolution (20.5:9 aspect ratio), but it also supports a 120Hz refresh rate and has a single hole-punch cutout in the center for a 32MP selfie camera. The battery may be a larger 5000mAh unit, though the phone loses out on the telephoto camera and instead has a 2MP depth sensor. The wide-angle camera also sees a downgrade from a 16MP sensor to an 8MP one. As is typical for Motorola’s North American devices, there’s no Google Assistant button on this one.

Although the exact marketing names for “berlin” and “berlna” haven’t been revealed, an earlier leak by Blass suggested they’ll both be part of the Motorola Edge lineup.

Motorola “Kyoto”

In an earlier tweet, Blass revealed that a Motorola device code-named “kyoto” will launch as the “Motorola Edge 20 Lite.” His tweet also named the “Moto G60S” and “Moto G50 5G” as “lisbon” and “saipan”, but Blass did not share specs for either product in today’s leak. Interestingly, Motorola already launched another smartphone that supports 5G and carries the name “Moto G50”, though its code-name is “ibiza.”

According to Blass, the Motorola Edge 20 Lite will feature a display of unknown size with a resolution of 2400×1080 (20:9) and a 90Hz refresh rate. Like “berlin” and “berlna”, “kyoto” seems to have a centered hole-punch cutout. Instead of a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, the Motorola Edge 20 Lite seems to be powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 720 chipset. It will also have 6 or 8GB of RAM but apparently only a single storage capacity of 128GB. This device seems to have the same camera setup as “berlna”, meaning there’s a main 108MP camera on the rear joined by an 8MP wide-angle camera (that doubles as a macro lens) and a 2MP depth sensor; the front camera, meanwhile, is a 32MP shooter. The battery capacity is also the same as “berlna” – a beefy 5000mAh unit. Rounding out the specs, Blass’s leak reveals the device runs Android 11 and has a Google Assistant button. The latter makes sense as the Motorola Edge 20 Lite seems to be headed to global markets as well as India, where it may be offered in two colors: Iron and Cosmo.

Motorola “Pstar”

The last Motorola smartphone leaked by Blass has the code-name “pstar” and model number “XT2153-1.” This product seems to be coming to Asian markets, Europe, Australia, India, and Latin America, and it’s the only one of the bunch to feature a flagship SoC – the Snapdragon 870 – paired with 6, 8, or 12GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of storage. The display isn’t quite flagship – it measures 6.67”, has a 2400×1080 resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate – but its cameras seem impressive. Pstar seems to have a 108MP main camera joined by a 16MP wide-angle lens (that, again, doubles as a macro camera) and finally an 8MP telephoto lens with 5X zoom. On the front, the camera is either a 16MP sensor for the Chinese variant or a 32MP sensor for the global variant, and it’s housed underneath the cutout in the top-center of the display. The device will have an ample 4500mAh battery powering it. It seems to have a mono speaker, a Google Assistant button, an under-display fingerprint scanner, and display output support for Motorola’s “Ready For” platform.

Besides the 5X zoom, our own source reveals another interesting camera feature of “pstar.” Called “CrystalTalk Noise Reduction”, this feature will make voices captured by the phone’s Audio Zoom mic even clearer.
We don’t know when “pstar” will launch, but the leak reveals it’ll run Android 11 at launch and come in black, white, or blue colors.

Today’s leak corroborates much of the details revealed in an earlier leak, but adds further details not mentioned in that leak.

Motorola Edge second-generation

Spec sheet for second-generation Motorola Edge devices. Credits: Evan Blass.

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