Motorola and iFixit team up to provide official DIY repair parts

Motorola and iFixit team up to provide official DIY repair parts

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Fixing smartphones is getting harder and harder every year. I miss the times when I could just order the screen, take off the back cover of the phone, loosen some screws, disarm the cable, and replace the screen. Now, everything is much more difficult. Most of the flagships today come with aluminum or glass unibodies. Replacing any part on your mobile device probably requires some professional tools that you may not have access to. Manufacturer-provided parts are often hard to find, so you had to go with uncertified parts.

Today, Motorola decided to change things a little bit. The company partnered with iFixit, the most popular mobile DIY repair community, to offer official parts and tools. The parts vary from batteries to digitizers. Of course, the category will get bigger and bigger as the time goes. What’s even cooler is that all the kits come with the required parts, like a magnetized driver, precision bits, tweezers, spudger, and more. You can see one example kit in the photo below: Motorola Moto G5 Plus screen replacement kit with LCD screen, digitizer, spudger, tweezers, suction handle, driver, bits, and an opening tool. To put it in short, everything you might need for replacing a screen on the Moto G5 Plus.

This partnership sends a good message to the DIY community. As you may have heard, the #righttorepair movement is getting stronger day by day. While some companies like Apple try to lock down their devices as much as possible and restrict repair shops and users from having an official set of tools and parts, Motorola and iFixit show us an example of what every smartphone manufacturer should do. Users want their phones to last long, and in most cases, they’re not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for sending in the device and waiting for a repair.

Source: iFixit Blog