Motorola to Launch a Limited Edition Star Wars Style Moto Mod in China

Motorola to Launch a Limited Edition Star Wars Style Moto Mod in China

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We recently saw Disney team up with OnePlus to announce an exclusive Star Wars themed OnePlus 5T for India. The stormtrooper type device is very different to the other options offered up by OnePlus, and with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” out in cinemas in mid-December, it’s obvious that Disney is gearing up for a massive launch by marketing as far and wide as possible. Now Motorola, in tandem with Disney, is reportedly launching a limited edition Star Wars Moto Style Shell mod for its devices in celebration of the release of the new movie.

motorola star wars

The only problem is that for now at least, the Motorola style shell is only launching in China. We have no further information whether it will come to other markets or not. This is also like the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition, which seems to only be launching in India for now.

For those unfamiliar with Moto Z mods, the device has a connector at the back of the phone where one can connect various Moto Mods to the device. These include speakers, battery expansions and simple stylistic shells which serve no actual purpose other than aesthetic. This is one of the stylistic changes and does not offer any extra battery life. This new Star Wars shell joins the ever-growing list of Moto Mods available, including just recently an Alexa-powered speaker which allows a user to speak to Amazon’s virtual assistant.

These should be available in the coming weeks in China, but it’s currently unknown just how limited edition it may be. There may be only a small number actually produced, in which case you may want to look into purchasing one as soon as possible once they go on sale in China. They will retail for about $20 each, or ¥129. A bit steep for what’s basically just a case, but the premium comes from the Star Wars branding.

Via: TechDroider