Unofficial builds of TWRP and OmniROM are now available for the Motorola Moto G8 Power

Unofficial builds of TWRP and OmniROM are now available for the Motorola Moto G8 Power

Back in February, Motorola refreshed its Moto G lineup by launching a pair of Qualcomm Snapdragon 665-powered smartphones. The Lenovo-owned brand dropped the numeric identifier from the names of these two phones in some regions, e.g. the “Moto G8 Power” launched as the “Moto G Power” in the U.S. To make things further complicated, Motorola maintains two different sets of firmware packages for the Moto G Power (code-name “sofia”) and the Moto G8 Power (code-name “sofiar”). The whole situation is certainly a bit chaotic for aftermarket development on these phones, but XDA’s brilliant developer community has managed to kickstart the journey anyway. Here is our first custom development roundup for the Moto G(8)Power.


Moto G Power XDA Forums

Unofficial OmniROM 10

XDA Recognized Developer vache has come up with a source-built version of OmniROM for the Moto G8 Power. Despite being in an early stage of development, the custom ROM is surprisingly stable and most of the basic features work flawlessly. You don’t need to flash Google Apps separately, however, the ROM package must be flashed via Fastboot interface. Head over to the forum thread linked below and follow the instructions in the first post to get the ROM up and running on your device.

Unofficial OmniROM 10 for the Moto G8 Power

The current version of the ROM may not work properly on the Moto G Power, due to the fact that the developer has yet to offer a unified build.

Unofficial TWRP

An unofficial build of TWRP is also available for download, courtesy of the same developer. Unlike the aforementioned OmniROM build, the custom recovery image is compatible with both the Moto G8 Power and the Moto G Power. You should be able to boot it on the Moto G Stylus (code-name “sofiap”) and the Moto G Pro (code-name “sofiap_ao”) as well.

Unofficial TWRP for the Moto G8 Power

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