[CORRECTION] Lenovo P2 Spec Leaks Point to SD-625 SoC and 5,100 mAh Battery

[CORRECTION] Lenovo P2 Spec Leaks Point to SD-625 SoC and 5,100 mAh Battery

This article has been edited and corrected (12:10PM CT October 28), as we learned that the specification sheet that was leaked is not for the upcoming Moto M but rather the Lenovo P2 as clarified by @krispitech. We apologize for the confusion and for the unjustified rise of expectations it might have caused..

Lenovo seems to have a surprise in store for the upcoming holiday season. The Motorola Moto M has had its fair share of leaks for a while, but based on what we’ve learned so far, the device seemed to be just another low-end device. Interest in the device was recently renewed, however, with new reports indicating that we may see Microsoft apps pre-installed on the Moto M which differentiated the device amidst the saturated low-end market, although without much to really get excited over.

But that’s not all up Lenovo’s sleeve. A new leak is providing a ton of more juicy details on the Lenovo P2, with the more interesting tidbits on the device coming from the its specifications. The Lenovo P2 is likely to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. For storage and RAM, there are two distinct models with further sub-divisions. The P2 aimed at the Chinese market (PRC) will come with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM with 64GB of eMMC storage. The variant for the Rest of the World (ROW) cuts back on some of the specs with its two variants: you’ll either get 3GB or 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM with 32GB of internal storage. Both the PRC and the ROW models will sport expandable storage of up to 128GB via a micro-SD card slot.

But the best part about the Lenovo P2 is likely to be its insane battery life, as the specification leak points to the presence of a whopping 5,100 mAh battery on the device. Couple that with the efficient Cortex-A53 core setup on the Snapdragon 625 SoC (and obviously, the massive battery capacity), and what you should have is a phone that will easily churn out 2-days of heavy phone usage like a walk in the park.


The Lenovo P2 is likely to be launched in December 2016, which is in-line with other leaks pointing to a late 2016 release. We hope to get more concrete info on the device as we approach the launch date.

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Source: @krispitech

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