Motorola’s Moto X Brand Dies to Give Way to Lenovo’s Moto Z

Motorola’s Moto X Brand Dies to Give Way to Lenovo’s Moto Z

Moto X_X amirite?

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It’s happening, and you sorta kinda wish it wasn’t. Lenovo is changing whatever we loved about Moto.

Leaker Evan Blass of the @evleaks fame left a cliffhanger on his Twitter handle yesterday, where he claimed that the Moto X is on its way out. Today, through Venturebeat, he has revealed that according to marketing material, the Moto X branding is no more, and that it will be replaced with a letter nobody expected after the X… meet the Moto Z. Especifically, the Moto Z Play, Moto Z Style, and Moto Z Play Droid Edition for Verizon.


It certainly isn’t a shocking nor revolutionary name for a flagship smartphone (especially when Lenovo has a Zuk Z1 phone), but that’s what Lenovo’s Moto brand is now showcasing as its ultimate flagship. In case you had forgotten, the upcoming Moto phones sport 5.5 inch displays on a metal design that’s reportedly modular, but unlike LG’s system these use backplate “MotoMods” (a much better name than “Friends”, we must say) such as a pico projector, stereo speakers and a premium camera grip being some of the options consumers will get to buy at retail. These modular backplates, as well as the actual phones, are expected to be announced early next month at the Lenovo Tech World Show in San Francisco, June 9.

So why the new name? As of now, all we can throw your way is speculation, but we’ll likely hear an official explanation, even if brief, during the aforementioned launch. In any case, it isn’t uncommon for OEMs to change the branding of their phones — in fact, this year seems to have many prominent OEMs do such a thing, like Sony’s Xperia X and the latest HTC 10 which departed from the One naming scheme.

What do you think of the branding change? Is it a fresh new start, or a worrying sign of Moto’s identity loss? Sound off below and share your opinion!