Download: Android P ported unofficially to the Motorola Moto Z

Download: Android P ported unofficially to the Motorola Moto Z

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Last week, XDA Recognized Developer erfanoabdi was able to boot an unofficial port of Android P for the Motorola Moto Z. He ripped the system image from the Google Pixel XL and modified it to work on the Moto Z. At the time, his ROM was only interesting for the headline as most of the hardware functionality was broken, but now his work has reached a state where he feels comfortable sharing it publicly.

erfanoabdi has now shared his work on our forums. Most of the major bugs have been fixed since his first build with hardware features such as the radio, Wi-Fi, camera, Bluetooth, audio, NFC, GPS, and more working. The few remaining bugs include the stock flashlight toggle not working (but third-party flashlight apps work), the second SIM on dual-SIM devices doesn’t work, and there’s no encryption. Lastly, while the Moto Battery Mod works, it doesn’t work in Efficiency mode.

If those bugs aren’t a concern for you, then you can install this unofficial port of Android P Developer Preview 1 for your device by following the instructions in the link below. You’ll, of course, need to have an unlocked bootloader to install this ROM. The installation process is quite simple as you only need to flash the ROM using the official TWRP release.

Download Android P port for the Motorola Moto Z

It’s the calm before the storm as Google I/O begins in 2 days. You’ll probably be bombarded by Android P news coming from Google’s developer conference. Stay tuned to XDA where we’ll condense the I/O news as much as possible to make the coming week seem less hectic.