Motorola Moto Z2 Play Android Oreo Update is Being Soak Tested in Brazil

Motorola Moto Z2 Play Android Oreo Update is Being Soak Tested in Brazil

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When Motorola decided to use the Moto Z branding for their new flagship lineup, they also released a mid-range version for those who may not have the money to pay for the higher priced model. The Moto Z Play became incredibly popular due to its impressive battery life, but some were let down when the Moto Z2 Play was announced with a higher price and a smaller battery. This may be why we haven’t really heard much about this device since it was released, but it looks like Motorola has begun soak testing Android Oreo (8.0) on these devices in Brazil.

As of late, we have actually been seeing more attention paid to the more expensive Moto Z2 Force with a rollout to Oreo and then kernel sources being released a couple of weeks later. This type of prioritization is to be expected since the people who are buying the more expensive phones generally offer more to a company’s bottom line than the low-end and mid-range offerings. Thankfully, the Z2 Play hasn’t been ignored completely by Motorola or the community as it still has its dedicated fans.

Those who own the Moto Z2 Play will be excited to hear that Motorola has finally began one of their first soak tests of the upcoming Android 8.0 Oreo update. The company has a history of first testing these new software updates in Brazil, and it looks like that is what we are seeing here this week. The information was brought to our attention thanks to XDA Senior Member Crix.Ful92 who first posted some screenshots of the update notification yesterday afternoon.

Since then this information has been corroborated by other XDA members, so it looks like the company is slowly letting more and more beta testers try out this new update. It’s unclear how long it will take for Motorola to transition from a soak test to the official rollout (due to the possibility of critical bugs being discovered), but it looks like things are on the right track for the Moto Z2 Play to receive Android Oreo in the near future.