Motorola is working on a new “Night Vision” camera mode for the Motorola One Vision and Moto G7 Plus

Motorola is working on a new “Night Vision” camera mode for the Motorola One Vision and Moto G7 Plus

Motorola’s 2018 smartphones barely managed to stay competitive against killer mid-range offerings from Xiaomi and other Chinese brands, but the Lenovo-owned brand is looking to shake things up in 2019. The foldable Motorola Razr and a mysterious quad camera flagship are proof that Motorola is once again actually trying to compete in the premium tier, and the Motorola One Vision shows that they’re stepping things up in the mid-range market as well. Given that the Motorola One Vision has already appeared on the Bluetooth certification site, the FCC, and Google’s ARCore supported device list, we expect the device to launch soon. Although we already know most of its specifications, there are still software features we have yet to uncover. Today, we will share some information on the new modes in Motorola’s camera app that will likely either debut with the Motorola One Vision or arrive in a future software update for the One Vision and Moto G7 Plus.


Night Vision

First, Motorola is working on a camera mode called “Night Vision.” The name suggests it’ll help you take better low-light photos, but I don’t know exactly how it’ll work. It could be a dud like Samsung’s Bright Night scene optimizer (though Samsung is rumored to be working on an enhanced Super Night camera mode), or it could provide a handheld long exposure experience similar to Google’s Night Sight or Huawei’s night mode. I doubt it’ll work as well as Google or Huawei’s night mode features, but we won’t know until it’s available. Motorola is developing this feature along with the “long exposure” feature we previously uncovered, but we don’t know how the two features will differ.

Motorola is currently developing Night Vision for the Motorola One Vision and Moto G7 Plus, but it could be deployed to other Motorola devices in a future update. Motorola occasionally updates their camera app with new features, such as when they brought Google Lens and Google Photos integration, Live Filters, AR Stickers, and more to many of their existing devices.

Portrait Relighting

Another feature that Motorola is working on is portrait relighting effects. This will add lighting effects as well as a blur to portrait mode photos. The available effects currently consist of Studio, Color pop, Sunshine, Noir, Side, and Stage. Portrait relighting is being developed for the Motorola One Vision, the device believed to be the Moto Z4 Play, and the Motorola Razr.

That’s all the information we have on the new camera features that Motorola is developing. The Motorola One Vision should launch soon, but Motorola may launch another Android One smartphone powered by the Exynos 9610. Code-named “troika,” it has a lot in common with the One Vision, though we’re not sure exactly how it differs from the One Vision so we’re still gathering more information on it. Notable leaker Evan Blass revealed the marketing names for both of Motorola’s upcoming Android One smartphones, so we now believe that “troika” will be the Motorola One Action while “kane” will be the Motorola One Vision. If we learn more about either smartphone, we’ll let you know.

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