Renders of the Motorola One, another Moto Android One device, leak online

Renders of the Motorola One, another Moto Android One device, leak online

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Renders of the Motorola One have leaked online courtesy of AndroidHeadlines. This is not to be confused with the Motorola One Power, which we’ve covered already. This is another Android One device to be released by the company sometime in the future with some very small differences.

As we already know, the Motorola One Power is set to be the first notched Android One device available, and the phone looks exactly like it (shown below). The phone on the left is the Motorola One, and it’s very likely that both devices will be launched at the same time. The Power variant appears to be larger (we don’t know whether in screen size, thinness, or both) and possibly more focused on battery life. Take a look at the photos below for comparison.

Left: Motorola One // Right: Motorola One Power

There doesn’t appear to be a hugely visible difference between the two, apart from the camera. While it may just be a cosmetic difference, they very well could also use entirely different camera modules too. The chin is also a tiny bit smaller on the regular Motorola One. Interestingly, the “Moto” brand isn’t being used here either and it seems to suggest the company’s branding is making a complete comeback. The “Moto by Lenovo” branding has been entirely ditched and is nowhere to be seen here. It’s likely that the “One” series of devices from the company is set to be powered by Android One for the foreseeable future. The last Android One device by the company was the Moto X4.

While we don’t know anything about this particular device’s specifications, we can probably assume they’ll be similar to the Power variant. Android One devices tend to be aimed at more developing markets and have lower specs than flagships at an affordable cost. With the Moto Z3 Play reportedly on the way in India next week, we could be seeing both of these devices very soon as well.

Source: Android Headlines