Motorola One Power will get an Android Pie beta next month

Motorola One Power will get an Android Pie beta next month

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Android Pie has got off to a relatively slow start. It will take months for the Android Pie official update story to gain momentum, but in the meantime, a few phones have received Android 9 Pie updates (while unofficial Android Pie ports are available for many more devices). In the last few years, Motorola’s reputation with Android updates has been steadily degrading. However, this changes with the Motorola One Power.

The Motorola One and the Motorola One Power were announced at IFA, and the Motorola One Power launched in India yesterday for ₹15,999 ($220). The phones are part of the Android One platform, which means that Motorola is required to provide monthly security updates. Motorola’s Product Manager Abhisek Kumar also told Beebom at the phone’s India launch event that the company will start opening up soak test registrations for the Android Pie update by mid-October. This means that Motorola One Power users will be able to try out a developer preview of Android 9 Pie next month, although the company has yet to define a final date.

Soak testing is a fairly common practice for Motorola with respect to Android version updates. It allows select few users to experience the new update before the rest of the users. If all goes well, the update can then be rolled out for all users.

Mr. Kumar also showed Beebom a sneak peek of Android Pie running on the Motorola One Power. The update is currently in testing, and according to Beebom, the UI is close to Android Pie on the Pixel phones thanks to the Android One software of the Motorola One Power. The phone will also be getting frequent security patch updates over the next three years, according to the company.

The premise of the Android Pie soak testing makes the Motorola One Power seem a better phone. Motorola has been struggling this year in the budget and lower mid-range price segments, but the Motorola One Power seems to be a return to form for the company. It remains to be seen how well it competes with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and the upcoming Realme 2 Pro, but at least on paper, the phone has a good value proposition.

Source: Beebom