Motorola Razr leaked renders reveal unannounced gold model

Motorola Razr leaked renders reveal unannounced gold model

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The era of foldable phones has officially kicked off. It has been looming over our heads for close to a decade, and it has been highly anticipated during this time. Last year, Samsung officially took the wraps off the Galaxy Fold, the first “mainstream” foldable phone to launch to the wider public. Other companies like Huawei have also had their dig at the concept, but one of the most interesting ones came from Motorola late last year, with the Motorola Razr. It’s a throwback to the RAZR flip phone launched in 2004, albeit in a newer form factor and carrying a foldable display.

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Far from just appealing to the nostalgic crowd, something that the new Motorola Razr does an amazing job at, the device also showcases one of the foldable form factors that make the most sense to the wider public: a classic flip phone that can flip open into a regular, old-fashioned smartphone. Even Samsung themselves are taking a jab at this form factor as well with the launch of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip, set to be announced alongside the upcoming Galaxy S20 lineup. The Razr is now available for pre-order, but leakster Evan Blass has now showcased a gold version of the device, featuring a gold bottom bezel and back.

It’s unclear whether this device will be released sooner or later, as Motorola didn’t initially announce any color variants for the Razr at all—we only got to know a black variant. It might be that this color variant doesn’t see a release at all either. There is the possibility, however, that Motorola could announce it by the same time as Samsung’s newest announcements in an attempt to try to sour interest in the Galaxy Z Flip. New device announcements at MWC 2020 are on the horizon, so we shall wait and see.

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