Motorola Reportedly Working on a New Tablet with ‘Productivity Mode’

Motorola Reportedly Working on a New Tablet with ‘Productivity Mode’

Tablets were once quite popular on Android. But as phones grew bigger and use cases for tablets became smaller, consumers lost interest in what was once considered an important secondary device. With waning consumer interest, major OEMs gradually pulled themselves out of the tablet market.

The current scenario for tablets is very grim. Barring a few sporadic releases here and there, there really isn’t much in terms of hardware options that Android could boast about. Even if you could pick up a tablet that suits your hardware requirements, the software is just not in place to give you any additional benefits for the screen size beyond what your phone could do anyways.

Lenovo-Motorola seems to be in the mood to change that. As reported by AndroidPolice from their internal sources, Motorola is working on a new tablet device which brings with itself some software additions that (hopefully) derive greater utility from the hardware.

AndroidPolice received a screenshot from their source. The image shows a device with tablet-like proportions, with its navbar icons aligned to the left. The navbar icons are, interestingly, followed by the icons for the App Drawer, the Settings app and the Gmail app. The main image shows a feature called “Productivity Mode”, which enables switching between the apps by using the aforementioned icons on the navbar. Long pressing the app icon and dragging it upwards will reportedly close the app.

AndroidPolice is “highly confident” in the quality of this information. Beyond the screenshot image, there is nothing more that is ‘confirmed’, but there is plenty that can be inferred. AndroidPolice claims that the tablet will be on the larger size, around 9-10″ in diagonal and will have a premium look and feel to it. Some versions of the tablet could offer cellular connectivity, they say. There is no release period, no more details on the hardware and not even a name as of yet.

More details of the device will surely surface when the device comes closer to release. For now, one can hope that a company does take it upon itself to fix Android for tablets and bring them back to the mainstream.

What are your thoughts on the Motorola tablet and its rumored Productivity Mode? What features or changes in a tablet would entice you to purchase one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: AndroidPolice

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