Motorola is recruiting testers for the Moto G4 Plus Android Oreo update

Motorola is recruiting testers for the Moto G4 Plus Android Oreo update

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Motorola has a massive following in Brazil and it’s usually where we first see the company test upcoming updates for their devices. The company does this in phases where they first announce a soak test is happening and then recruit people who would like to participate in the program. Once chosen, the soak test will begin and will continue until the company is satisfied with their results. It seems those with the Motorola Moto G4 Plus in Brazil have something to look forward to as the company has begun to recruit testers for its upcoming Android Oreo update.

Motorola had a loyal backing in the enthusiast community when their parent company was Google. Their Moto X series of devices had a strong following but it wasn’t until the release of the Moto G back in November 2013 that they were able to really take off with their Android lineup. An earlier report from this year confirmed that Motorola has sold over 70 million devices in the Moto G series. This is why the company puts so much focus on this series and so far it has paid off quite well for them.

A lot of people are still currently using the Moto G4 Plus right now and they have been waiting for a new software update. We can take a look at how the company handled the Android Oreo update for the G5 series to show us how things will likely go down for the Moto G4 Plus as well. It was back in June of this year when we learned that Motorola had started the soak test for the Moto G5S Plus‘ Oreo update. Three months later, the company was finally happy with the testing process and began rolling out the official update in Brazil.

So, the latest news for the Moto G4 Plus is that Motorola is looking for people who want to soak test the Android Oreo update for the device. This does not mean the soak test has begun, it just means that they are looking for participants through the Motorola Feedback Program. It’s unclear exactly how long it will take for this soak test to begin (it could take weeks or even months), but we at least know they are looking for people to start testing the new Moto G4 Plus Oreo update.

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