Motorola’s Latest Moto Mod Features a 360-Degree Camera

Motorola’s Latest Moto Mod Features a 360-Degree Camera

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Motorola’s Moto Mod system for the Moto Z lineup has continued to grow and mature ever since its initial debut in September of last year, and thanks to a tweet that was sent out earlier this morning by Evan Blass, we now have a good look at an upcoming 360-degree camera Moto Mod (shown above).

The new Moto Mod was recently launched at an event that Motorola held over in Ghana, West Africa. There’s currently no word on pricing or availability for the Mod outside of Ghana, but considering the popularity of 360-degree photography/videography around the world, we’d be surprised if this didn’t make an appearance in other markets where Moto Mods and the Moto Z lineup is already available. The Moto Mod uses the same 16-pin connector we saw in Moto Z devices, and should be compatible with both current and future Moto Z devices like Motorola promised back when the original devices launched.

The Essential Phone and its 360 camera attachment

As for the Moto Mod itself, the setup looks fairly simple. The 360-degree camera sits on top above the cutout for the primary rear camera on Moto Z phones, and the main body for the Moto Mod features a white color with a perforated design throughout. The body does appear to be made out of plastic, and the Motorola logo in the middle below that rear camera cutout looks slightly recessed and almost as if it could be a physical button. It’s not currently confirmed as to whether or not this is the case, but it’d be a smart use of space for letting people take photos and videos without having to mess with their phone’s display.

When talking about modular 360-degree camera attachments for smartphones, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone and its 360-degree camera. Both Essential and Motorola have their own unique take on how modular attachments should work on smartphones, and although it’s far too early to determine which 360-degree camera will be the best, it’ll certainly be an interesting comparison to see once each one is released to the general public.

Via: Evan Blass