Mozilla Announces Firefox Launcher for Android, a Modified Version of EverythingMe

Mozilla Announces Firefox Launcher for Android, a Modified Version of EverythingMe

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Back in July, we talked about a pretty revolutionary new launcher called Everything.Me. Differing from traditional launchers, EverythingMe aimed to put Everything You front and center on your home screen.

Fast forward a half year, and Mozilla announced Firefox Launcher for Android. But rather than being a new launcher created from scratch, it is essentially a branded version of EverythingMe. This somewhat strange union should come as no major surprise, given that in 2012 Mozilla and others invested $25 million into EverythingMe. Now, we’re seeing the first real fruits of this with Firefox Launcher for Android.

The new app incorporates EverythingMe’s unique contextual adaptive s earch in order to offer a “personalized and customized Web experience that is fun and intuitive.” Unfortunately, they haven’t exactly stated how search will be used to accomplish this goal. Furthermore, it’s unclear what other functions from EverythingMe will make their way into this new launcher, but given the similarities seen in this screenshot versus the currently available version of EverythingMe, it’s perhaps safe to assume that they’ll be nearly identical.

Are you excited to see a spin-off based on EverythingMe? The original offered some pretty unique functionality, which made it quite the compelling alternative launcher. That said, if this is simply a branded relaunch of the same application, it will have quite a tough time displacing the sea of other available launchers—just ask Facebook.

[Source: Official Mozilla Blog]