Mozilla Fennec 2.0 Alpha Available for Android

Mozilla Fennec 2.0 Alpha Available for Android

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Fennec, otherwise known as Firefox Mobile, was originally an innovative browser from Mozilla which was designed to run on the Windows Mobile platform. Alpha versions of the application were made available but proved unusable and, with much development left to go, the project was soon abandoned.

Last week, Mozilla announced the release of Fennec 2.0 for Android 2.0+ and Maemo devices. This news comes after the unveiling of the popular Skyfire browser for Android in April, and with features including synchronisation with the full version of Firefox on your PC and a refined system for CPU management, Fennec could be just as well-received when it is officially released later on.

Fennec’s availability to the Android platform is great news for the developing community as, much like its bigger brother, Mozilla are encouraging users to write their own add-ons for the browser.

To check out a more detailed description of what’s available in the new app or to download the alpha version for yourself, head to the Mozilla blog post on the subject. Discussion about the browser can be found and continued in this thread.