Firefox Preview 3.0 release brings along enhanced tracking protection and more changes

Firefox Preview 3.0 release brings along enhanced tracking protection and more changes

Google Chrome is the dominant browser across the globe, but it is imperative for the market to have worthy competitors. Mozilla’s Firefox is one such alternative, which although has just about 4% market share, is important for the development of the browser ecosystem. Back in July 2019, Mozilla had announced that Firefox for Android will enter its maintenance phase as the team had begun work on an entirely new browser. This came in the form of Firefox Preview, or Fenix as it was also known as. Firefox Preview was then released in the form of a public preview, allowing interested users to try the new browser. Firefox Preview is now receiving an update to v3.0, bringing along with itself tracking protection from ads, analytics, cryptomining and fingerprinting trackers; and more features.

The changelog for the Firefox Preview 3.0 update is as follows:

  • Enhanced tracking protection in Firefox Preview protects you from ads, analytics, cryptomining, and fingerprinting trackers.
  • Open links in private tabs by default
  • Option to clear browsing information on exit
  • Choose what types of browsing information to sync across devices
  • Set an autoplay or background behavior for playing audio/video
  • See and manage downloads
  • An updated browser menu has replaced the Quick Action bar
  • Ability to manually add search engines
  • Ability to move the navigation bar to the top or bottom
  • Force enable zoom
Firefox Nightly
Firefox Nightly
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

One of the highlights of this update is the enhanced tracking protection that is being built-in to protect users from trackers for ads, analytics, cryptomining and fingerprinting. Users can also set if they want to open links in private tabs, and whether they want to clear browser information on exit. You can now also move the navigation bar to the top or bottom, according to their preference, which should help make the browser better suited for one-handed use on larger phones.

If you would like to try Firefox Preview, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Source: Mozilla

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