Mozilla releases Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM64 Snapdragon PCs

Mozilla releases Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM64 Snapdragon PCs

Always Connected PCs haven’t been the most popular devices of the last year, but they definitely created a totally new segment which might as well become very competitive very soon. The idea that you can have a fast, reliable, and secure network everywhere you go sounds very nice and if executed properly, it may gain a lot of popularity. The main selling point of these devices is long battery life, cellular connectivity, and portable design. The Windows 10-powered Always Connected PCs run on Snapdragon SoCs with ARM operating systems, which makes running traditional apps a bit of a pain. Though, major tech players and indie developers are already adopting the new platform, as new apps are regularly released.

Mozilla just announced the beta version of Firefox browser for Windows 10 on ARM64 Always Connected PCs. They say that the newest version is built upon the Firefox Quantum architecture, which is the most efficient and powerful browser engine by far. It takes full advantage of the hardware present on the device. I haven’t been able to test the beta version of ARM64-compatible Firefox, but I don’t think it should be any different from the standard version we all use.

You can download the build from here. Also, make sure to report bugs and submit crash reports if you come across any of them. I am still waiting for some of the major game and software developers to adopt the change for the better. For example, the Adobe suite which I use day-by-day is literally unusable on Always Connected PCs, as are almost all of the games we know and love. Still, I get happy like a little child every time I see some noticeable names porting their software to ARM64 platform, which will be a hundred times more widespread sooner or later.

Source: Mozilla

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