Mozilla Releases Its Private Browser, “Firefox Focus” to Android

Mozilla Releases Its Private Browser, “Firefox Focus” to Android

Last year, Mozilla introduced a new, private browser for the Apple devices called Firefox Focus. After a successful period on the App Store and averaging 4.6 rating, the company decided to bring the browser to Android as well. Firefox Focus is a browser to all of you who value the privacy over anything else.

Like the iOS version, Firefox Focus remains a minimalistic browser with enhanced privacy protection. Surprisingly, the browser does not support tabs. Mozilla believes that tabs clutter the browser and make the user experience worse. In result, to make the browser more appealing to the Android users, Mozilla added other functions like an automatic ad blocker, simple search engine picker, and one button to clean recent activity. On the video below you can see a short demo of the app.

Firefox Focus does not allow many customizations. Users have a chance to disable the ad blocking or stealth mode, but that’s it. The browser is designed for those users who want to remain private whenever possible. Focus’ functionality is indeed very interesting, as omnipresent Google tracks every move and network activity. The browser might even remind you that there is a session in the background that requires closing. It’s obvious that the Focus (heh) is to keep things secure and simple without the unnecessary clutter many browsers bring.

On Android, users can set the Focus as a default browser. It’s certainly a good choice if you don’t want to be followed by Facebook etc. For more sophisticated Web experience you can still use Chrome or any other browser.

You can get the Firefox Focus browser from the Google Play Store.

Source: Mozilla Get Firefox Focus from Google Play

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