Mozilla rolls out Firefox 80 for Android, bringing back the back button

Mozilla rolls out Firefox 80 for Android, bringing back the back button

Towards the end of July this year, Mozilla rolled out Firefox 79 for Android with a year’s worth of changes. However, the release was met with criticism from users as it was missing several features and extensions that were previously available on the browser. For instance, Firefox 79 offered support for only a handful of extensions at launch, it didn’t include the about:config page, it had local password migration issues, and design problems with the revamped tab switcher. In an attempt to address these issues, Mozilla is now rolling out Firefox 80 for Android with the following changes:

  • Firefox 80 brings back the back button based on the feedback from users. The update also introduces a view tab history feature that can be enabled by long-pressing the tab.
  • Enhanced tracking protection on by default
  • The update now lets users open as many tabs as they like and organize them into Collections.
  • Private browsing mode can now be accessed with a single tap.
  • The bottom navigation bar now facilitates a more ergonomic browsing experience.
  • The update introduces a dedicated Dark Mode switch.
  • Users can now multitask with videos playing in picture-in-picture mode.
  • Firefox 80 is powered by the independent GeckoView engine.

Along with the changes mentioned above, Firefox 80 for Android also includes a bunch of security fixes. You can check out all the security vulnerabilities fixed in the latest release by following this link. Additionally, Firefox 80 brings the following changes for web developers:

  • Developer Tools
    • You can now block and unblock network requests using the :block and :unblock helper commands in the Web Console.
    • When adding a class to an element in the Page Inspector’s Rules pane, existing classes are suggested with autocomplete.
    • When the Debugger breaks on an exception, the tooltip in the source pane now shows disclosure triangle that reveals a stack trace.
    • In the Network Monitor request list, a turtle icon is shown for “slow” requests that exceed a configurable threshhold for the waiting time.

For a full list of changes for web developers, you can check out the ‘Firefox 80 for developers’ post by following this link.

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