MPlayer Android Updated With Source

MPlayer Android Updated With Source

Good news for MPlayer fans – following from the successful port to Android reported back in January by XDA forum member ajeet17181, now comes the latest update from the XDA member.

For those not familiar with MPlayer, it’s a free and open source media player available for all major operating systems and supports a wide variety of media formats and includes the functionality of saving all streamed content to a file.

The new features in Android include:

  • Playlist support
  • Auto rotate
  • Album art
  • Neon Acceleration (enable neon acceleration in settings menu)
  • Smooth scaling (enable use fine scaler in settings menu)
  • Browser streaming support for various protocols

And for those interested in helping to take this further, the XDA dev has also posted the source code.

For more information including the link to the source code, head on over to the application thread.

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