Multi-User Support is now Rolling out for the Google Home in the U.S.

Multi-User Support is now Rolling out for the Google Home in the U.S.

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And just like that – Google Home is now far more useful for multi-member households. Google has today announced that multi-user support is rolling out for the Google Home. In a blog post today, Google states that families can now connect up to 6 Google accounts with a single Google Home device.

The Google Home will be able to distinguish the voice data between each individual member and provide personalized responses to user queries. For instance, users can now ask about playing a specific playlist from their personal Google Play Music library, ask about their own commute time, their schedule, or more and the Google Home will be able to pick out which user is asking this question and answer appropriately.

The feature is rolling out to Google Home users in the United States today, while users in the United Kingdom will receive an update in the coming months. Users on the latest version of the Google Home app should be able to link additional accounts to the Google Home by opening up the app and looking for a card that states “multi-user is available.” If this card does not show up, then you can tap the menu icon to bring up your connected devices and select to add your linked account from there. During the new account linking process, users will be asked to teach the Google Assistant to recognize their voice. Other features such as personalized commute and music playback can also be setup in the Google Home app.

Although I’m the only one in my household who actually uses the Google Home, I believe this is a massive step forward for the home assistant device to receive its due attention. Now, the Google Home won’t annoyingly be restricted to acting as a personal assistant for a single user, but rather the device will become what it always should have been – a true home assistant for the entire family.

Source: Google