Boot Multiple ROMs on the OnePlus 5 with DualBootPatcher

Boot Multiple ROMs on the OnePlus 5 with DualBootPatcher

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We love custom ROMs at XDA, and sometimes a device just has too many great options to choose from, prompting us to make backups just to venture outside our comfortable setup. We also often wish we could try new ROMs not to migrate to a new experience, but just to take a peek and get a taste of an update or specific feature. Thankfully, you can multiboot

Multiple devices have been able to multiboot ROMs one way or another, and thanks to DualBootPatcher, the OnePlus 5 is no exception. DualBootPatcher is a project that lets you install multiple ROMs on your device, via an open source app that currently supports over 200 devices. All you need is TWRP, the application and the utilizities zip, and of course… ROMs! After that, you can change ROMs via the application, and then reboot your device to fire up a new ROM. Other features like app sharing can make the experience even better.

If you want to try out dualbooting ROMs on your OnePlus 5, follow Senior Member & DualBootPatcher supporter yshalsager‘s guide linked below. Read the the entire opening post, and follow each step and guideline closely!

Multiboot ROMs on your OnePlus 5!