Multiple Google account support is finally coming to Chrome OS

Multiple Google account support is finally coming to Chrome OS

For years, Chrome OS was looked at as a simple, lightweight OS that only let you access the internet via Google’s Chrome browser. Naturally, it helped that Google began offering services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. so that people could actually begin using it as a modern workstation. People still looked at it as an OS for simply browsing the web, but Google began evolving it to something more powerful. They added support for features such as Android apps, Linux apps, and tighter integration with Android devices. A popular feature that many have been requesting is support for multiple Google accounts without having to log out and switch profiles. While that largely went ignored these last years, it looks as if the feature is finally coming to the OS.


It was late last year when ChromeStory published a few screenshots that showed Chrome OS could be getting an account manager feature. This was discovered in the Canary build of the operating system and it seemed to work similarly to how Android has had the feature implemented. They were actually able to add a new Google account to this bleeding edge build of Chrome OS, but they couldn’t get it to work within the various apps that are available in Chrome OS.

Screenshots via ChromeStory

That seems to be changing now, though, as the same publication has been able to add a second Google account to their Pixelbook and it actually works as you would expect. Meaning, once the secondary account is set up you can then open up the Gmail app and it’ll ask you to choose from the default account or the new account that was recently added. The same thing happens with Android apps such as the Google Play Books application.

Again, this feature is available via the latest update to the Canary branch of Chrome OS and it can be found under Settings > People > Google Accounts. It’s unclear if this will be exclusive to Google’s Chrome OS devices (Google Pixelbook, Google Pixel Slate, etc.) but that seems highly unlikely at this point.

Via: Chrome Story

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