MultiROM Ported to the Z2 and Z3!

MultiROM Ported to the Z2 and Z3!

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Switching between ROMs is very useful to test the newest one out, or to keep a “stable” system for emergencies while you use your favorite ROM at other times. MultiROM has offered to do just that for some time now, on supported devices: it acts as a second recovery of sorts, allowing you to choose which ROM and kernel to boot.

Users of the Sony Xperia Z2 and Sony Xperia Z3 will be pleased to know that their devices now have fully usable ports of MultiROM, thanks to XDA Senior Member Myself5. Only touch support isn’t working correctly, which means you have to use the volume buttons to navigate the menu instead.

MultiROM has actually been available for these devices for a few weeks already, but it’s now even easier to install as support has been added to the MultiROM Manager app. (Note that the version on the Google Play store hasn’t been updated with these commits just yet.) If you’re not familiar with it, MultiROM Manager is a companion app for MultiROM that makes it easy to install and update the mod, in addition to being able to manage the ROMs you’ve installed. Both MultiROM and the MultiROM Manager app are also open source, if you’d like to contribute to either.

Looks interesting? Head over to the Z2 MultiROM forum thread or the Z3 MultiROM forum thread and get flashing!