MultiROM Available for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

MultiROM Available for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

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With so many ROMs available on XDA, it’s incredibly difficult to find the one that suits us most. We must choose between modified stock firmwares, AOSP-derived ROMs, or alternate OSes like Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS. There are solutions to make the choice a bit easier, and one of them is multiboot. XDA Recognized Developer Tassadar‘s MultiROM is the ideal perfect solution for all you folks that can’t decide which ROM should be used as a daily driver.

In the last few weeks we have been seeing MultiROM popping up on various devices, but it’s certainly nice to see its debut on the popular Samsung Galaxy Note II, a device that was released nearly two years ago. Kernel and device tree implementations were done by XDA Senior Member tilaksidduram.

To make use of MultiROM functionality, your device must be running a kexec-hardboot patched kernel. Details regarding the patch and the kernel have been provided by tilaksidduram. There is one flaw at the moment, which is that MultiROM Manager doesn’t work on N7100, but there are some works in progress to fix this little drawback.

If you’re having a Samsung Galaxy Note II sitting in your pocket, use multiple ROMs on it without flashing and wiping all the time. You can find a MultiROM for N7100 by visiting the MultiROM for the Note II development thread.