Multi-Window on Android N Now Lets You Watch Videos Uninterrupted

Multi-Window on Android N Now Lets You Watch Videos Uninterrupted

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Multiwindow is shaping up to be the next big thing to hit Android in recent times. It will finally allow tablets an edge over their phablet counterparts, giving them better use of their increased screen real estate.

With that being said, Multiwindow is still a continuous work-in-progress. There’s a reason that it has remained disabled in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, because it was far from being a perfect software product for the end consumer. Things are improving though, and the Second Developer Preview of Android N coupled with a YouTube update bring us some good news in this direction.


YouTube now works properly with Android N’s multiwindow. Previously, opting for multiwindow in YouTube would stop the video. With the Second Developer Preview, this works as one would expect it to. You can now watch videos on YouTube in multi-window in the normal fashion, with synchronized video and audio as per expectations.

This is a small step forward in the grand scheme of things. We look forward to the future where Android tablets replace portable laptops for the productive side of things. Of course, this assumes that things don’t break in the further Android N previews.

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