My Cloud Player Brings Improved SoundCloud Experience

My Cloud Player Brings Improved SoundCloud Experience

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Media players are pretty much a dime a dozen on the Android platform. Since there are so many different options, there are dozens of legitimately good choices, all offering some kind of new organization or visualization feature aimed at making it stand out from the rest. Cloud-enabled media players, however, are slightly more scarce.

If SoundCloud is your thing, you can always try using the official (and free) SoundCloud app. The app brings you all the major functionality by letting you search for and discover new music for free. It also lets you create playlists and share them, and you can even use widgets to control the app from your home screen.

XDA Senior Member dcucko, however, decided to improve upon the SoundCloud experience with his app My Cloud Player. In addition to all the standard features such as song playback and search that you get with the standard player, dcucko’s offering also allows you to chart your most played songs, view your play history, cache tracks for offline playing, and more. My Cloud Player even supports scrobbling, which means that when you listen to a song, the name of the song is sent to the site to be added to your music profile. Finally, it’s quite aesthetically appealing—offering both a light and dark theme.

If you’ve wanted a bit more from your SoundCloud music experience, head over to the application thread and give dcucko’s app a try.