MyMobiler for Android – Presenting Android Screencast

MyMobiler for Android – Presenting Android Screencast

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One of the cool things that we could do in Windows Mobile was to control the device from the computer via a program called MyMobiler. This little program allowed for many things including taking screenshots of your screen and saving them in your computer as jpegs, transferring files, and of course controlling the device via the computer. Now, Android users have that option as well thanks to an app called Android Screencast. XDA member incubus26jc provides a brief and easy to follow tutorial, which explains what programs are needed and provides links for them as well.

Alright guys, I finally found a Java App that will actually control your phone from your pc. This is not complicated. Thanks to acid256 for this open source project.

If your looking to do screenshots, use the java screenshot program in this thread


  • Mouse and keyboard control FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY
  • Landscape mode (right click)
  • Video recording
  • Basic file browser

You can find more information in incubus26jc thread.