MyWall is a lightweight wallpaper manager with the ability to extract colors and apply filters

MyWall is a lightweight wallpaper manager with the ability to extract colors and apply filters

Wallpapers are key to smartphone personalization. Personally, I’m the kind of person that can’t stand looking at the same wallpaper for over 2 weeks, so I’m always constantly changing it. I’m not even hugely into switching up layouts, launchers and icon packs, but just having a fresh wallpaper suffices. I always have a collection of wallpapers on hand for this purpose so I can switch between them constantly, but most wallpaper manager apps are pretty barebones — the best equipped one being Google’s Wallpapers app and its built-in collection of wallpapers. Not like that’s a bad thing as the purpose of a wallpaper manager is to change the wallpaper and little else, but there are more feature-filled alternatives, with one of them being MyWall.


MyWall, made by XDA Senior Member folglore95, is a friendly and lightweight wallpaper manager app that adds a couple of interesting twists to the way you change your wallpaper. First of all, the app allows you to pick wallpaper colors out of the wallpaper you’re selecting. This way, you can match other elements, like the launcher colors, better to the wallpaper’s palette. Additionally, the app also packs a number of filters and effects so you can edit wallpapers on the go while you’re setting them up.

You can download it right now on Google Play. You can also check out the official discussion thread in our forums to learn more about it and to give feedback to the developer.

Check out MyWall in our forums now!

Swift Walls - Wallpapers
Developer: Giorgio Cantoni
Price: Free

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