Get a Free Premium Code for Nap Alarm Clock [Updated with Video]

Get a Free Premium Code for Nap Alarm Clock [Updated with Video]

If you’re the type of person that uses alarms throughout your day and likes to keep to a good sleep scheduled, you’re really going to enjoy Nap Alarm Clock. This app is carefully designed to provide the most optimal alarm clock functions.

The nap widgets let you quickly set an alarm with one tap from your homescreen. Your alarm sound is customizable with tons of options to choose from. You can even set your alarm to play through your headset, if that’s a function you’re looking for. When your alarms goes off, you can use creative methods to silence it, like shake or smile to turn it off.


Animated backgrounds let you set moving fireflies or colorful auroras as a backdrop to your alarms. There are also many color schemes for you to choose from, depending on your own personal style.

Nap Alarm Clock has provided us with 99 FREE UPGRADE CODES for us to give out to our users. Comment below with your XDA username and the first 99 people with get a premium code.

*If you do not include your XDA username in your comment, you will not be eligible to receive a code. Example: I would like a code. My XDA username is “username”*
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