Native Add-ons for Gmail are Coming, Limited to G Suite Only at First

Native Add-ons for Gmail are Coming, Limited to G Suite Only at First

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Google really is focusing on the enterprise customers this week. With the recent Cloud Functions for Firebase announcements and then the new focus of Hangouts too, corporate customers of Google services have a lot to be happy about right now.

Another one of these big announcements has to do with native add-ons finally coming to Gmail users later this year. We don’t know exactly when, but we’re simply told that we’ll be able to install them via the “G Suite Marketplace later this year.”

This will differ from some other Gmail add-ons that you and I may have used in the past. Services like Boomerang and Rapportive were done via a Chrome extension but these new add-ons will be completely native and will work across Gmail’s web ports, Android and even iOS. Google will let G Suite developers submit new Gmail add-ons for approval and once approved they can then be used by your company’s employees through the G Suite Marketplace.

To help showcase the benefit of Gmail add-ons, though, Google is working closely with a few companies to get some initial ones available on launch day. Google specifically mentions three different add-ons that should be made available first. Intuit QuickBooks will let QuickBooks small business customers generate and send invoices. An add-on for ProsperWorks will let you check the contact info of people on email threads against the information stored in their CRM. And the Salesforce Add-on allows Gmail users to look up existing contacts, add new ones, as well as associated email threads.

Google hasn’t made any announcements as far as when or if Gmail add-ons will be made available to regular consumers like you and me, who are using the regular Gmail. However, they seem to be implying it with their wording. Outlets like The Verge had said it would be enterprise-only but then edited their piece later to say it “may not strictly be limited to enterprise users.” For now though, developers can go here to sign up for the Developer Preview right now.

Source: G Suite Developers Blog