Navigation Gestures 1.4 Changelog – Tasker Plugin, Performance Improvements, and more!

Navigation Gestures 1.4 Changelog – Tasker Plugin, Performance Improvements, and more!


  • Added “Launch Activity” action (premium). This lets you launch directly into certain parts of your favorite apps.
  • Added Tasker integration (premium). This not only lets you toggle the pill or navigation bar on and off, but you can also set up a gesture to trigger a Tasker Event—meaning you can program the gesture to basically do anything you want with the power of Tasker!


  • Added “Toggle NavBar” action (premium) for when you want to manually toggle the navigation bar using a pill gesture.
  • Added “Open Volume Panel” action (premium).
  • Added widgets to toggle the pill/navigation bar/immersive navigation mode.
  • Added “Rotate Screen” action (premium). This essentially works like Android Pie’s Rotation Suggestion. Once auto-rotate is disabled, you can use this action to lock the rotation to whatever orientation you are tilting your device toward. For example, if you set a “Swipe Right” of the pill to Rotate Screen and auto-rotation is off, then if you tilt your phone to landscape mode and swipe right, the phone will lock to landscape mode.
  • Added “Toggle Flashlight” action (premium).
  • Added “Toggle Bluetooth” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle WiFi” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle Battery Saver” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle Screen Timeout” action to change between your current screen timeout and unlimited screen timeout so the screen doesn’t turn off.
  • Added “Send Intent” action for some pre-defined intents for several popular apps (premium).


  • Improved performance by reducing the polling of the Accessibility Service.
  • Improved battery usage.
  • By default, the app will no longer unhide the navigation bar when the user locks the device. This means you won’t see the navigation bar pop up for a few seconds after unlocking the device. The lock screen shortcuts will be cut off, though, so if you want to use those you’ll need to manually enable this behavior.
  • Add separate option for 180° rotation fix (from the 270° option).
  • Base pill position from the top of the display instead of the bottom (improve detection of fullscreen apps and games).
  • Increase max auto-hide time from 3 to 10 seconds
  • Increase default split pill height
  • Improve keyboard detection
  • Added alternate home action toggle (only necessary for OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 9 based on Android 9 Pie.)

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