Navigation Gestures updated with Activity Launching, a Tasker plugin, Performance Improvements, and more

Navigation Gestures updated with Activity Launching, a Tasker plugin, Performance Improvements, and more

Our Navigation Gestures app has been available for a little over 6 months now. We’ve updated the app several times since launch with new and handy features. It’s been a while since our last big update, but it’s finally here with version 1.4. This update includes several new toggles, Launch Activities, Tasker plugins, improved immersive/fullscreen detection, and the usual fixes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Navigation Gestures, it’s an app that was originally designed to hide the nav bar an add iPhone X-style gestures. Since launch, it has gained a ton of new features. You don’t have to use the iPhone X-style gestures. You can use OnePlus-style gestures or customize it to your heart’s content. If you don’t like the Android Pie gestures or you want more screen real estate, this is a must-have app.


Shoutout to all of our supporters who have purchased the premium version. Your support helps us continue development on the app. This update adds a few new features exclusively for premium users, and we will continue to focus on bringing more value to the premium users.

After updating, we recommend rebooting if you experience any issues. Sometimes, updating an app will make the OEM skin kill the Accessibility Service…or other weirdness may happen. Rebooting will return it to a clean slate.

Navigation Gestures Premium Add-On
Developer: XDA
Price: $1.49

Navigation Gestures v1.4 Changelog


  • Added “Launch Activity” action (premium). This lets you launch directly into certain parts of your favorite apps.
  • Added Tasker integration (premium). This not only lets you toggle the pill or navigation bar on and off, but you can also set up a gesture to trigger a Tasker Event—meaning you can program the gesture to basically do anything you want with the power of Tasker!


  • Added “Toggle NavBar” action (premium) for when you want to manually toggle the navigation bar using a pill gesture.
  • Added “Open Volume Panel” action (premium).
  • Added widgets to toggle the pill/navigation bar/immersive navigation mode.
  • Added “Rotate Screen” action (premium). This essentially works like Android Pie’s Rotation Suggestion. Once auto-rotate is disabled, you can use this action to lock the rotation to whatever orientation you are tilting your device toward. For example, if you set a “Swipe Right” of the pill to Rotate Screen and auto-rotation is off, then if you tilt your phone to landscape mode and swipe right, the phone will lock to landscape mode.
  • Added “Toggle Flashlight” action (premium).
  • Added “Toggle Bluetooth” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle WiFi” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle Battery Saver” action (premium)
  • Added “Toggle Screen Timeout” action to change between your current screen timeout and unlimited screen timeout so the screen doesn’t turn off.
  • Added “Send Intent” action for some pre-defined intents for several popular apps (premium).


  • Improved performance by reducing the polling of the Accessibility Service.
  • Improved battery usage.
  • By default, the app will no longer unhide the navigation bar when the user locks the device. This means you won’t see the navigation bar pop up for a few seconds after unlocking the device. The lock screen shortcuts will be cut off, though, so if you want to use those you’ll need to manually enable this behavior.
  • Add separate option for 180° rotation fix (from the 270° option).
  • Base pill position from the top of the display instead of the bottom (improve detection of fullscreen apps and games).
  • Increase max auto-hide time from 3 to 10 seconds
  • Increase default split pill height
  • Improve keyboard detection
  • Added alternate home action toggle (only necessary for OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 9 based on Android 9 Pie.)

Frequently Asked Questions and Feature Requests for Navigation Gestures

Please expand the button below to see our answers to a list of frequently asked questions.

Navigation Gestures FAQ

  • Help, I uninstalled the app and I can’t access my navigation bar anymore!
    • Please connect to your computer and run the following ADB command: adb shell wm overscan reset
  • Help, I uninstalled the app and the original navigation bar keeps hiding itself!
    • Please connect to your computer and run the following command: adb shell settings delete global policy_control
  • Can we add a feature where the pill is in its own separate area so it doesn’t overlap with certain UI elements?
    • No, sorry. We are already pushing the screen content down to hide the nav bar. Adding this feature would require us to push the screen content up as well. We can’t have it both ways.
  • There’s a “white line” at the bottom of the screen!
    • This is NOT a bug. This is a side-effect of a change we intentionally made after version 1.0.0 because without it, many Samsung, Motorola, and Xiaomi devices were reporting major bugs (eg. black screen after unlocking which made the phone unusable.) The “white line” is caused by the navigation bar being hidden 99.99% but not 100% (ie. we hiding the navigation bar entirely except for 1 pixel.) So the “white line” is actually just your navigation bar that’s colored white. We added an Experimental Setting called “Use Full Overscan” which gets rid of the white line. Use it at your own risk.
  • Pill doesn’t work with Samsung DeX/Samsung Good Lock!
    • Android prevents third-party apps from showing overlays on top of SystemUI apps like the status bar and lock screen. You can use the blacklist function in Behavior settings to make the original nav bar show in these apps.
  • Pill doesn’t show when you open the camera from the lock screen, answer a call from the lock screen, or open a notification for quick reply from the lock screen!
    • Android prevents third-party apps from showing overlays on top of SystemUI apps like the status bar and lock screen. This also includes calls, apps, or notifications answered from the lock screen. The pill cannot be shown until you unlock the device.
  • Pill doesn’t show in Facebook Messenger, Drupe, or other floating apps!
    • Go to Experimental Settings and select the “Keep Pill Shown in other Overlay Apps.” Pick Messenger, Drupe, etc. in this list.
  • Pill doesn’t work with screen pinning.
    • We have no way of simulating a long press on the back button without root. A tentative solution we are looking into is detecting when the phone enters a pinned screen state and disabling the pill to bring back the stock nav bar.
  • Home action doesn’t work on the OnePlus 5!
    • OxygenOS prevents the app from performing the home action if you both enable the software navigation bar and disable the “always enable home button” option in Button settings. To fix this, please enable the “always enable home button” option.
  • Pill keeps “jumping” up and down with the navigation bar!
    • This means you either enabled Immersive Mode manually (ie. not from the app) or another app triggered Immersive Mode which is interfering with our app. Here are some possible causes and solutions:
      • Nova Launcher: In the “Notification Bar” section under “Look & Feel,” there may be a “Hide Navigation Bar” option. If there is, check to make sure that it is disabled. Get OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 6 gestures on any Android phone
      • LG G6/LG V20/LG V30/LG G7 ThinQ: Go to Settings > Display > Home touch buttons > Hide Home touch buttons and disable the “lock/hide icon” option up top and uncheck every app in the list. Get OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 6 gestures on any Android phone
      • Samsung Galaxy S8/Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Samsung Galaxy S9: Go to Settings > Display > Nav Bar > Show and Hide Button and turn off the toggle up top and uncheck every app in the list. Get OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 6 gestures on any Android phone

Join our Navigation Gestures Beta Testing Group

We test each release ourselves before pushing it to the Google Play Store, but we also have a beta testing group on Telegram which you can join here to get the latest features.

Feedback and Support for Navigation Gestures

Feedback is very important to us. While we are blessed to have access to a large team that owns a wide variety of devices from several different device manufacturers, it’s difficult for us to ensure a bug-free experience on every device. If you are having trouble with our app, don’t hesitate to email us or post in the official XDA support thread.

We plan on adding additional actions in coming releases to give users more options to control their device. We hope to provide an experience that can fully replace the navigation bar on your device. If you feel that we should add a feature or two to make that happen, then please reach out to us with your ideas!

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