Google preps new Self Share feature for Nearby Share on Chrome OS

Google preps new Self Share feature for Nearby Share on Chrome OS

At CES this year, Google announced a couple of new features for Chrome OS that will help Chromebooks better synergize with Android phones. The company revealed that it’s adding a new Quick Setup feature to Chrome OS, which will let you use your Android phone to set up a new Chromebook and give it immediate access to all your saved information. In addition, Google plans on introducing new Phone Hub features on Chromebooks, which will let you access chat apps installed on your phone on a Chromebook, without having to install them first. But these aren’t the only Chrome OS features that aim to improve interoperability between Chromebooks and Android phones.


According to a recently merged commit on the Chromium Gerrit (via Chrome Story), Google is also working on improving the Nearby Share feature on Chrome OS devices to help users seamlessly share files from their Chromebooks to a phone or a tablet logged into the same Google ID. The commit’s description states:

[Nearby][Self Share] Add feature flag for Self Share

This adds a feature flag for Self Share to Nearby Share. This will be used to gate all new changes prior to launch, including the initial prototype.

Although Google hasn’t shared any official information about this new Self Share feature in Nearby Share, we believe that it will give users easy access to other devices connected to the same Google account on the Nearby Share screen. This will, in effect, let users quickly share files between their devices without the need to search for and connect to the recipient device.

The Self Share feature in Nearby Share should work alongside the upcoming Camera Roll feature in the Phone Hub on Chrome OS devices, which will let you share photos/videos from your phone to a Chromebook and vice-versa. The Self Share feature flag should make an appearance in an upcoming Chrome OS Canary release. We expect to learn more about the feature when it starts rolling out on the Canary channel.

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