Need a Surface Pen replacement? The HP Pen is just $22 today

Need a Surface Pen replacement? The HP Pen is just $22 today

Ever since Microsoft’s introduction of its Surface tablets a decade ago, the PC market has seen the popularization of lots of new form factors, such as convertibles, folios, and more. As we’ve learned, these products tend to come with an additional cost, whether it’s buying a keyboard for your Surface Pro, or buying a pen for any kind of convertible. After all, they rarely come with a pen.

When you’re spending over a thousand dollars on a new PC, an extra $100 on a pen isn’t the most appealing proposition, especially if you don’t even know for sure that you’re going to use it. One solution, which I try to advocate for, is to wait for deals. If you didn’t need that pen on day one, or even if you just need a replacement, today is the day to claim that deal.


The HP Pen is just $21.99 today, $44 off of its normal price of $65.99. That’s a solid deal, and it supports N-Trig, meaning that you can use it not only with HP products, but with Surface and most other Windows machines. You’ll just need a AAAA battery to power it, as this one isn’t rechargeable.

    The HP Pen supports N-Trig and works with most Windows convertibles and tablets.

$22 for a pen is way better than the $99 that a Surface Pen costs, and especially better than the $129.99 that you’ll pay for a Microsoft Slim Pen 2.

But those are discounted as well. The Microsoft Surface Pen, normally $99.99, is on sale for $45.99, coming in Ice Blue, Poppy Red, and Platinum. The Surface Pen can be used with any Surface that supports pens, starting with the Surface Pro 3, so anything released in or after 2014.

    The Surface Pen comes in Poppy Red, Ice Blue, and Platinum, and works with all modern Surface devices.

There’s one more thing. While either of the pens above will work with most pen-enabled Windows PCs, if you want the one that’s made for the new Surface Pro tablets and the Surface Laptop Go, there’s still the Slim Pen 2. The discount on this one isn’t as heavy, coming in at $108.99 instead of $129.99, but it does support haptic feedback to make writing on the screen feel more like writing on paper.

    The Slim Pen 2 recharges wirelessly when it's stored inside of a Surface Keyboard, and it provides haptic feedback to make writing on a screen feel more like paper.

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